Monday, April 27, 2009

Dimwits At Work

We have our share of morons in the construction industry. I have reputation for being intolerant of stupidity & I'm never ever bashful or reserved when I have to get in someone's face to keep idiocy to a minimum. (I can be loud & scary.) These guys in the picture above are rushing around trying to clean up at the end of the day. They've just set a bunch of steel bollards in concrete, all buried at least 3 feet in the ground. Hurry up & "Git 'R Done". Wonder when they finally realized that their van was trapped? If this happened on a Friday, you can bet they left everything behind to deal with on Monday, on the boss's dime. So much for planning.

Morons can be found just about anywhere. Here's a group photo of one bunch.

I rarely get political on my blog, so you may want to stop reading this post right now. Today I get to vent. Being the capitalist that I am, & considering what I paid out in taxes this year, it's my version of the entitlement mentality at work.

The economy is teetering on the brink, so, according to the guys in the picture, the fix is to spend trillions that we don't have. "Hurry up & Git 'R Done before we encounter public awareness!"

Do sensible people take this approach with their personal finances? None that I know of. When times get tough, responsible folks cut wasteful spending & make the sacrifices needed to enable them to take care of their obligations.

Following previous disastrous economic decisions & runaway spending, our politicians are compounding the problems by passing unheard of budgets & bailout schemes, pushing through oppressive legislation which will crush business & ultimately create debt that can't be repaid. This will result in hidden taxation & penalties that most uniformed people aren't expecting (& can't afford), while business failures escalate, government dependency increases, & state's rights & personal freedoms erode. (I'm in favor of protecting the environment but I don't like the squiggly lightbulbs, won't drive a tiny battery-operated car - oh well.) These actions will trap all of us behind the steel bollards, all cemented in the ground, for us, our kids & our grandkids to deal with later, 'on our dime'. What a plan! What's really motivating these careless decisions & votes? It's gonna get ugly, especially when folks wake up & get in 'Washington's face' for this idiocy.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Love the top pic. Uh oh.

I've been singing Don't Worry Be Happy, but it's not working that great.

Careann said...

Venting is understandable. I think people everywhere hate the helplessness they feel when faced with what look like really bad decisions and actions by their governments.

I get it when they say that letting some of the biggest industries go belly up will cause the weakening economy to totally implode. What I don't get is how they expect to cope with the huge debts the massive money bailouts will create. It doesn't seem like anyone has a realistic plan for that. And you're right... businesses can't survive that way, so how do they expect the country to?

The frustration is causing much gnashing of teeth but not a lot of positive options are being offered either. It's a tough situation for sure.

ReNu said...

You are entitled to vent on your blog, especially to recession-related vents lol.

I'm back - I had a nasty set of exams and a viva voce to do, so I took a month off from blogging :)

Ronnie said...