Sunday, January 11, 2009

Orange Alert

An author friend was being interviewed on the radio about his latest book earlier this evening & I decided to call in to ask a question. Now if I had identified myself as someone that he knew (via email & such), I would have come across like a stage prop. A planted fan. So I asked a rather lame question when my opportunity came about. I was woefully unprepared to sound intelligent, never actually expecting to get on the air, but at least I caused the interview to get back onto the real topic, meaning, the guy's novel.

Here's where it got tricky. I wanted to send a message to this author that 'it was me' - as a show of support. He's a good guy, terrific talent & he's done quite a bit to help me out. Now he & the host had been complaining about the frigid temps up in the northeast, where they're located. I mean, we're talkin' minus 28, without wind-chill. I'm in Florida, & it's literally 80 degrees warmer here than up there, even though it's been chilly. So I made the comment - "I'll send y'all some oranges" - hinting that I was somewhere warm & hoping that the Hemingway wannabe would get the hint. After 10 more seconds of banter about tropics & palm trees - he got it (& stuttered just a little). This led to an email from said author within 3 minutes of the show's end. The email was pretty funny but I won't post it.

A couple hours later, Deb says "Why'd you tell him you would send up some oranges?"
Me - "I dunno - I was tryin' to give him a hint about who was callin'."
Deb - "You probably made him nervous."
Me - "Huh?"
Deb - "Like in The Godfather. Whenever somebody's gonna get whacked - there's always an orange in the earlier scene. Maybe he thought you were some nut."
Me - (Wicked laugh) "Well, I am a bit of a nut (in a funny not psycho way). Maybe I'll send some anyway."

So here's from our backyard. We picked these the other day, but no one's gettin' whacked or goin' swimmin' with the fishes. Not 'til it warms up anyway.


Mark LaFlamme said...

Stroke of genius, is what it was. I made it through the whole interview without stammering much. Then I got your clever clue and stumbled a little bit. Classic.
Funny how I never though of the oranges as a cryptic warning. Deb's got a good, sinister mind. Either that, or she works for the mob in which case I would like to apologize for that remark.
If anyone wants to hear Jaxpop in action, here's the interview. Skip to the final two minutes and there he is.

JaxPop said...

Mark - It WAS funny but you handled the interview well. Deb's Irish so you have no worries there.

Mark LaFlamme said...

I'm Irish myself. Well, French-Irish. Mostly French.
Okay, very little Irish. But some.
I'm gonna go.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Thanks for the wonderful story. Your timing is perfect. I did my 2nd radio show and now I'm about to do my first book reading. Well, 2nd if you count the one I did this summer where my one and only audience was a little old lady, who turned out to be deaf.

Sheila said...

Deb's Irish? I always knew I liked that girl!
It really was great that you called in, Dave. I was stuck on the phone and had to listen to the recorded version. It was a classic moment!

JaxPop said...

Sheila - She's as Irish as a Boston Cop. Her nickname in school was 'Mc' - I had fun with the radio thing. Glad Mark has a sense of humor.

Joylene - That story about the one little old lady (& deaf no less) trumped my story big time. Way funny. I mean, event-wise it was probably disappointing, but you'll remember that experience before most of the others - including the successful ones.

Sheila said...

Ha! So am I. My maiden name is Cosgrove, hence the coz in every email address I have. My husband, ( a frenchman) who was in both, the Merchant Marines, and the Coast Guard, says that I swear worse than any sailor he's ever known. He's wrong, of course. :)