Saturday, November 29, 2008


6 weeks of hotel living. It's getting to me big time. Now I know why Jack Nicholson went nuts up there at The Overlook. All that's missin' here are a few corpses, several feet of snow & a creepy maze. "REDRUM - REDRUM - REDRUM" - Where's my axe?

Lotsa folks would probably say whaddya complainin' about? You have a nice suite in a Chicago suburb - Your wife (she's with me) doesn't have to cook or clean & you can go out for dinner every night & have whatever you want. Yeah - great & I'm gettin' fat as a cow.

I need to get home - real soon. I keep clicking my heels together & muttering "THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME" - but it ain't workin'. When I'm home, I eat the right food - less beef, more seafood. I get more exercise. There are always things to do around the house - I can hike through town - ride my bike on the beach - wear shorts & flip flops - swim - STAY TAN. I gotta hurry home so I can build up me 'musckles' - like this guy.

Then there's being cooped up when it's cold n' windy - which is almost every day up here. Writing in a hotel suite is nearly impossible. Forgot to pack the muse I suppose. Heck - I can barely post stuff on the blog. So that leaves TV. I despise TV. But it's worse than that! It's 'chick flicks' aaagggghhhhh!!!! I've seen more of Matthew McConaughy than his own mother. I even bought "The Notebook" & sat through that! But.... being away from home has been tough on Deb too, so I have to cut her some slack, 'specially with the TV & DVD thing. I don't wanna be one of these.


Mark LaFlamme said...

Dude, I was going to post just long enough to say that hotels are fun when you're 21 and single and you can pretend you're a rock star. Under other circumstances, they're a drag. Six weeks is a long hotel haul, man.
But then I noticed that you mentioned picking up "The Notebook." Ahhh! My sympathies! I think most guys who watch that will actually have a testical FALL OFF, so dramatic is the estrogen level in that one. Gah! *spit, spit* I don't even like talking about it for fear that I will lose my leg hair or something.

Heinous said...

Are you using the red, sparkly shoes? I hear it doesn't work otherwise.

Has it gotten cold yet? I think we're a ways off.

JaxPop said...

Mark - I survived The Notebook - barely, by dippin' Skoal & then sippin' from the spit cup. I also remained seated. Deb saw your comment about her 'wonderful love story movie' - says fugghettabout that trip to Maine now.

Jim - Messed up with the shoes. Forgot all about red & sparkly. Justin Boots doesn't produce that flavor. It was bitter cold for a while - then it turned a bit milder - mid 40's, which is still too cold for me. Trying to get to Pa in mid December. Might be a quick trip.

Mark LaFlamme said...

Tell Deb I'm just playing macho so I can stay in with the boys. Truth is, I love The Notebook so much, I have the soundtrack, the collector's set and a poster for my wall. James *sniff* Garner was just magnificent, wasn't he?
Okay, I lie. But my wife liked it an awful lot. I'm sure she and Deb will hit it off, freeing us to go out and kill animals with our bare hands. Pass the Skoal.