Sunday, November 2, 2008

Long Trip North (& South)

What a week. We're still in Chicago. I flew home to Florida on Friday night & returned here yesterday (Saturday). Had to take care of a few things. Fortunately - this trip was faster than the first ride up. Gettin' to lake Michigan from St Augustine ain't easy. Some places aren't very deep & we had to tilt the engines up & row.

Here's a picture of me at the helm on the way north a few weeks ago. Didn't even stop at any gas stations to ask directions.

Yes - it's true. We decided to bring our boat.

Had a nice view of Chicago's skyline on the way in.

So we're all docked up here at the Navy Pier.

What a week for daylight savings to arrive. It's exhausting - makes me delusional.


Heinous said...

Not much of a Halloween. How are you enjoying the city? Are you getting any chance to?

JaxPop said...

This weekend was pretty much shot. Weather permitting, we'll get to do more stuff next weekend. For some reason - Halloween has been "missed" for the last 3 years. We had hoped to be in Pennsylvania to watch the grandkids do their Halloween thing - but we developed a case of 'Chicagointerruptis'.

JaxPop said...

Sorry Jim, I mean Heinous - My eyes are crossed 'cause I'm so tired - I was actually replying to your comment. D

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Nice beard Jaxpop!

JaxPop said...

Thanks Rebecca - I was after that chiseled features look.

Angela said...

Looks like you've seen the sights. I love the first inspires a lot of ideas for dark tales...*rubs hands together*