Thursday, October 23, 2008

Grown Up Kids

This picture was taken outside the Phillies Stadium - it's my son Mike & grandson Jack.... which leads me to today's modified post.....

I was copied on a very sad email today. It was sent from oldest son Michael (32) to younger son Christopher (28). The content was fine - all about investments & what to move where & how safe was this n' that & what kind of returns could be expected. Why is that sad you say? (Maybe you didn't really ask anything but play along with me here.) They're just too grown up now! They don't need me anymore! Well, they do call for advice related to construction issues & contract lingo but, beyond that, they're doin' fine without me n' Deb. Kinda makes me miss the days when good old Dad made loans knowing full well they wouldn't be re-paid. Uh, on 2nd thought, no I don't actually miss that part so much. So let me introduce everyone to my KIDS - Mike, Chris & Christine (Mike's wife). (Sigh) They're all doing so great - without me.

For starters here's Chris (the guy seated in the light blue shirt with arms folded -He's obviously winning) playing poker at a company sponsored function. This was at the last table. His boss had to take him aside & tell him to lose, since it was set up for their clients. Chris was bummed. He was up by quite a bit of Cha Ching.

This is Chris with Christine. They get along more like bro & sis than in-laws. We're very blessed that our kids are so close. Our grandkids LOVE Uncle Chris.

Here's Michael with Isabel (taken last year when they visited us in Florida - she's much more grown up now). She's nuts about her Daddy!!!

This is Mike & Christine. The picture was taken in New York. They're doing a great job raising Jack & Belly. I'm really proud of 'em.

Well, I suppose we must have done a few things right. We gotta get back to Pennsyvania for a visit real soon. Maybe I'll check on airline tickets today. They're still our not so little boys.


Heinous said...

But it looks like you did a great job and in the long run, that's what matters. Kudos.

JaxPop said...

Hey - I just figured out that your name is Jim.... so if it's Ok w/ you I'll say thanks Jim for the Kudos. Yeah, the boys turned out just great - we're proud of 'em.

Kat said...

Well, it sounds to me like they are all doing so great BECAUSE of you.
I just wrote a birthday post to my mom a few days ago and I said that even though I am an adult and I know I can handle any situation I feel I will always need her. That's just how it works. It sounds like you did a fabulous job raising your kids and I'm sure they all still need you in their own way.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate it.

And yes. It is cold. But you should be here in January! ;)

JaxPop said...

Hiya Kat - Thanks for stopping by & commenting. I had to shut off the gadget that tells me about the weather back home. Maybe that'll help me to adapt quicker. Deb (my wife) is with me - She has decided that she really does need to buy some winter clothes after all - starting with something called UGZ (sp?). Guess that's some kind of boots as opposed to the sound I made when she said she needed to do some 'shopping'. UGH.

I will say - Midwesterners are extremely nice folks.