Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm Baaaaaccccckkkkkk!!!!

Haven't blogged in forever - lots has been going on. Deb was really sick with the same thing she had in January - I can't pronounce it but it's something that affects the soft tissue around the ribs & such & it's very painful & lasts a couple weeks or more. She's finally feeling human & I still suck as a cook.

I took today off - prearranged - we went downtown early this morning. First stop - the coffee shop. $3 for a medium regular coffee these days. Next stop - pics aren't quite in order - the cemetery - then some side streets & then the lighthouse. So what (you're probably not asking) were we doing?

We (mostly Deb) were taking pictures (then modified 'em later at home to B&W sketches) for another new project we're workin' on together.

What a great morning! After tramping around our hometown of St A, we ran back to the house (10 minutes from downtown) - had lunch - got changed - ran to the beach for a few hours (perfect & the beach was almost empty) - returned home - got cleaned up - made mussels marinara for dinner (over linguini or fettucini I always get them mixed up) - worked on photos - drank more coffee - printed out some pics &.... uhmmmm ... that's about it. Oh - Hurried up & threw a post together.

By the way - sold an article - don't know when it will be out but they tell me they're sending a check out right away. So... that was kinda cool.

Hopefully (my big project is being wrapped up in a few days) I'll be able to spend some time posting & reading blogs again. In a few weeks maybe I can post some good news. It's good to be back. (PS - 1st & Last Photos are the same pic)

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