Thursday, June 5, 2008

Da Boyz In Da Pixture

Before moving to Florida, we lived in Pennsylvania & had a house at the beach in Delaware, where we spent our weekends & most of our vacations. This picture was hung in the living room of that house. Now it hangs in the sitting room off the master bedroom down here. I remember the day we bought it, but won't bother with that particular story.

The first rule to remember as a buyer is never let on just how much you really want something when there is no price tag attached, especially when the seller is within earshot. This picture had no price attached &, since we were so eager, I'm positive we were hosed. In this case, it didn't (doesn't) matter - I would have paid double.

It's certainly no great work of art BUT - we had to have it. This could have originated from a photo of our boys when they were little guys. The size difference between the boys, the hair, the build of the 2 kids.... For us it absolutely captured the typical affection & brotherly 'best friend' body language of our kids. They were just like this when they were young - best friends. They're like this today - though the younger one is now a tad bigger than big brother. It's been one of our greatest rewards as parents to know that our sons are still best friends.

Sigh... This picture helps us keep those memories fresh.

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Susan Sandmore said...

How sweet! You're the second person I know who bought a children's portrait this way.