Friday, April 18, 2008

"The Laffin' Gaff"

What a completely awesome day! I'm sitting on the back porch writing. It's sunny,80 degrees or so, nice breeze, Nubber the cat is in 'his' chair keeping me company, lizards & turtles putting on a show in the yard & on the patio. Deb took pics of lizards fighting - A productive & completely enjoyable day.

Yesterday someone wanted to know how I came up with the name of my boat - "The Laffin' Gaff". (Dang, I need to learn how to add pictures.) The name is written out on the hull in black & gold lettering, ending like hooks wherever possible. The truth is, the name is the result of me being a total wimp.

I should elaborate here - My tolerance for pain has been a source of annoyance for my wonderful wife. She is often amazed how unaffected I am by certain injuries or calamities. Last summer she couldn't figure out how I could have surgery & then move about like nothing ever happened only a few hours later. I'll admit, part of that was an act to make her feel better, but I do have a ridiculously high tolerance - unless it involves a dentist.

My teeth, thankfully, are in great shape. Nice n' straight n' healthy. If, however, you really want to see me sweat, shake & act like a real sissy, put me in a dentist's chair. Just movin' around in my mouth with one of those mirror things will make me squeal like a little kid & I just about rip the arms off the chair (only knowing that I'll have to pay for chair repairs keeps me from doing it - I think). I actually have to have nitrous just to get my teeth cleaned. Laffing Gas is another name for it.

My boat was delivered a few days following a 'dental ordeal'. Since I love to laugh & joke around, & since a gaff hook is a common item to carry on a boat, & since fish have fins &, with the 'dental ordeal' still fresh in my mind - "The Laffin' Gaff" was born.

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