Thursday, March 13, 2008


I coached baseball for a long time & enjoyed it thoroughly. One year I coached 4 teams simultaneously, that wasn't so fun. My oldest son Michael sent me a message on myspace today that brought back some good memories. Jack (my grandson) started Tee Ball. He's a bit young, won't be 5 until the season is over & is competing with some kids who have been playing for a few years. Michael, being the proud Papa that he is (& should be) explained that Jack is doing well hitting the ball, as good as the some & better than most. (You should see the little bugger hit a golf ball.) Mike proceeds to comment that Jack is a little slower as a runner (he's only 4 Mike!!) prompting me to remind Michael that his nickname was refrigerator back - because he ran the bases like he was carrying a refrigerator. I, by the way, did not give him that nickname. If Jack can hit, throw & catch half as well as his dad & Uncle Chris - he'll be terrific. You don't have to be fast when the ball is "outta there".

Mike - If you ever read this - Think a bit about why you & your brother played catcher. Center field just wasn't in the cards.

So it all starts again. My kid watching his kid play ball. I hope Mike & Christine enjoy it as much as Deb & I did.

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