Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I think I was a pretty good dad. My 2 boys received plenty of love, attention, assistance (& so called loans - HA!), guidance, practical training, job help &, when they needed it, discipline. That being said, I rarely changed a diaper (maybe 6 times in my life?) or spoon fed them their meals (how tedious is that?). On a few occasions I may have helped get them into their little snowsuits, but mostly because we were inside a warm house while this was being done & the first one dressed would always get hot & start getting cranky waiting for Bro' to be ready. (Sweating toddlers in January!) So, I wasn't a good Mr Mom. Sue me. Now I will add, in my who cares what you think anyway defense, that my wonderful wife did not work outside of the home going way back to, uhmm, before we were married. I suspect that I would have changed more diapers than I did had this not been the case, but I still woulda hated it. What I DID enjoy, other than reaching in to blast them with cold water from the shower as they got their baths, was telling stories at bedtime. The game was on when The Big Dog Daddy said "GO". The little guys would give me a topic (usually something off the wall) & I had 30 seconds to make up a tale that would last 10 or 15 minutes. Somehow, even though the stories were totally made up in my head, one of the little smart a$$e$ would tell me I left a part out - leaving me no choice but to tickle them into submission - or until Mommy had to get them dry PJs.

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