Sunday, December 23, 2012

Crankin' It Up Again - Finally

Time to get serious. I've had a chance to recharge these past 6 weeks &, I'm happy to say (& Deb is even happier), I will not be going out of town in the near future. After almost 4 years on the road, this is huge. The haunted writer is officially back in his haunted seaside town. My writing room is finished, GALLOWS POINT is nearing the edit stage, & there's a giveaway set up for later this week (BAD LATITUDE A Jack Rackham Adventure will be FREE on Kindle beginning 12/26 thru 12/30. Strategically timed for the recent Santa deliveries of those phenominal e-reader gadgets for kids with discriminating taste.

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Now I know I left everyone hangin' with my Jack Rackham interview. Sorry - promise I'll get back to it soon but things were really crazy. I was travelin' (as usual), then I was in a writin' funk, then I was on a GALLOWS POINT roll (a story destined to be a classic), & then, well, enough of that. JaxPop is home & I gotta tell ya . . .  this is the most awesome leather desk chair . . . uhm, got off track. My bad. What I was tryin' to say, though I still intend to sit on the beach as much as possible, as I did the other day, JaxPop is gonna be crankin' along nowadays like an author on a mission.   

                                                               And Merry Christmas!!!


Carol Garvin said...

Excuses, excuses!!! But if you're back in the traces again, that's good. We're a-waitin' none-too-patiently for that GALLOWS POINT and it's not goin' to write itself!

I hope you and Deb have a wonderful Christmas, and the New Year will see you pushing GP towards publication. :)

Anonymous said...

So happy things have worked out for you and Deb....And glad Gallows Point is nearing completion, can't wait to read it! Merry Christmas & a Magical New Year!

Ronnie said...

It's all falling into place. Glad to hear it. Tired of waiting to find out what happens to the Rackham's and all the dead people.