Sunday, November 28, 2010

Intro To My New Blog

Hey y'all. Just lettin' everyone know that I've started another blog Jack Rackham Adventures which will be geared more toward writing, promotion, reviews & storytellin' in general.

JaxPop will stay up & running & remain utterly pointless.


Carol J. Garvin said...

This place is never utterly pointless!! But congrats on getting your writerly space set up. I'll pop (heehee) over there and have a peek at it soon.

My laptop is having issues right now so will have to go in for service this week. :( In the meantime I'm back to using my desktop computer. Since that means I have to stay secluded in my office with it, I tend not to be spending as much time writing this weekend. So much for finishing NaNoWriMo on time.

JaxPop said...

Thanks Carol - Our internet is giving us fits today. Deb tried commenting on the "other blog" using her iPhone, another Lucy & Desi moment. (I can't type on that stupid thing - my fingers cover 3 letters at a time.) Can't wait to get some feedback on the 'pending' cover copy - gotta get some buzz goin' for RECKLESS. Hate promotion but I gotta do it. You've got 3 days left on NaNo - get busy & good luck.

Pat Bertram said...

Heading over there now! And anyway, what's wrong with utterly pointless?

Joylene Butler said...

Can't imagine anything you post as being pointless. If so, then it's the only way I'm ever going to visit Poppy's old homestead. But new is good too. Heading there now.